The landlord

Hello, I am Antonello!

 Imagine I have opened the doors of the B & B to you and that with a smile I have invited you to come in.

 Please come in! I say this in a total informal way…since you are not simply guests for me, I prefer considering you guests at my house.

 I would like to specify this is not so much a sense of possession, but a kind of emotional attachment to this place… where I was born on 5 September 1965. Exactly in the room which is now the breakfast room, and where I have returned after having worked for years and years in numerous restaurants, in Italy and abroad, shoulder to shoulder with the best chef cooks. Maybe I forgot to tell you I am a professional chef cook?!?

 Therefore, it is clear that I love this house. I consider it my “genius locis” (from Latin: optimal point). Here I grew up and I preserve my memoirs of my infancy in the countryside with the seasons following one another, each accompanied by the particular perfumes and suggestive colours, the contact with the animals, my walks along the river nearby where still today I can smell the herbs as mint and wild fennel …which I have been using in my kitchen until nowadays.

 I know my enthusiasm is contagious. I am sure that once you have been here, you will like to come back!

 However, I would not like to take all the merits, when you will be satisfied with your stay. This area is magic, it will have been the Sorceress Circe, who, as the legend goes, lived in this area and spread the magic filter with which she attracted Ulysses.

 Apart from mythology, you can find here sea, lakes, hillside and lowland, as well as a national park and an archipelago with splendid valleys… and still I would not have finished, but j invite you to visit the page dedicated to the possible itineraries recommended by us.

I have almost finished!

 I would like to thank my dear friend Luca who is fascinated by my sense for hospitality. He has suggested the idea of opening the B & B to me. I have called it Elisa, named after my daughter, and that today I share with my wife Renata and my son Matteo.  I specify this for the more curious ones…! and for whoever has read up till now…

 I look forward to welcoming you in my house!